National Museum of Qatar opens

The National Museum of Qatar opens. Naomi Campbell uploads Spiral produced Daily Life Wall to Instagram!

Maidstone Museum interactive

Spiral produced three exhibits for Maidstone Museum’s Egyptian gallery. Game of Ancient Lives is a 3D exploration of ancient Egypt built in Unity and played in the gallery via a joystick.

SAASCC opens

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

Spiral produced all of the Digital Media for the Brilliant Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Extreme Ecosystems galleries.

Buxton Museum opens
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Buxton Museum re-opens

Spiral produced a series of videos for the redesigned museum as well as a series of database kiosks.

National Horseracing Museum

Natalie took this great picture of the Queen

National Museum of Scotland

We made nine interactives for the Medical and Science Galleries including the Clinical Trial challenge pictured above.

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Qasr Al Muwaiji

Spiral produced a six screen interactive table, four films and an iPad app for this new heritage centre.

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