Chocolate Museum

Spiral produced five interactives for this new visitor centre in York. The exhibit pictured on the immediate right is called ‘Making Chocolate’ and lets visitors make a virtual chocolate bar in five interactive stages using a mixture of digital and mechanical interfaces. First off they have to turn a handle to activate a fan and winnow the cocoa beans, then they grind the beans and compress them to make cocoa butter. Using their hands they stir in the ingredients in a mixing bowl and finally they have to inject exactly the right amount of chocolate into a mold.

A second exhibit, Design Your Own, let’s visitors design their own chocolate bar wrapper and email this to themselves. Chocolate Connoisseur questions visitors about their likes and dislikes and through a series of options works out what chocolate they are most likely to enjoy.

There is also a ‘History of Chocolate’ database and an audio exhibit where visitors can leave a message about what they like most about sweets.